Our promise

To provide you with the highest quality products, delivered when you need them, at a fair price

InterTube is an experienced tube manufacturer and partner with the know-how you need to innovate and stand out in your industry. Our pre-galvanized and aluminum zinc steel tubes are the best on the market and come in a range of shapes (round, square, rectangular, and oval) and diameters (ranging from 5/8 of an inch to 3 inches) for commercial, industrial, and structural use.

In addition to our standard models, InterTube offers CUSTOM tubes tailor made to your specific product needs and specifications. We provide fast delivery across North America, and our products have even been used in projects as far away as China

With our state-of-the-art precision equipment, we offer 22 different die sizes and two finishes—clear or UV varnish—to protect our tubes. We also offer precise brushed finishing cuts.

At InterTube, you’ll find the right product for all your projects! 

We have the specialized team and cutting edge facilities needed to carry out all your projects.

We offer fast delivery for local customers (including same-day service whenever possible) and expedited shipping across Quebec, the Maritimes, and Ontario.